AirSender Is Released

AirSender For PC is release now.

AirSender allows you to wirelessly beam your screen to Android Device running AirReceiverĀ®.Ā  AirSender quickly discovers available receivers on your network, Easily share your screen.

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  1. is not possible for me to connect with FTV2 Airsender from any Windows 10 PC or Tablet. Any help possible?

  2. Does not display correctly. iPad Air to Fire Tv gives a 4 x 3 picture no matter what resolution is set. How can this be resolved

  3. Hello,
    by me this AirReceiver don’t work since today(06.04.2016) I have an Iphone 6 with IOS 9.3.1 and i cannot connect my phone with my TV throught AirReceiver like i use to do before! I already deleted the application that i buy it from Amazon( i have an Amazone Prime stick home and Netflix also) and i download it again but it’s not working….when i try to open the Air Receiver on my phone it found only one device called “Iphone” ! I need your help!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Aleckd:
      Please check your network environment and make sure your iOS device and FireTV live in same network.

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