AirReceiver is a lightweight AirPlay and DMR receiver. It will appear in AirPlay applications (such as itunes) and DMC application(such as WMP12) as a device you can play music/video/photo to. It works in the background, streaming media to your Android device, It’s special suitable for Android TV/Box.

– support audio sync with other AirExpress devices. You can archive this by tuning audio latency.
– support slideshow feature.
– Compatibility with AirParrot. you can use AirParrot mirror your PC screen on your Android Tablet.
– supporting AirMirror. It’s the only one android app supporting AirMirror.
– fully support IOS8.
– stream audio/video/photo from AirPlay clients (itunes, iOS, …)
– stream audio/video/photo from DLNA clients(WMP12, AirShare,…)
– run in the background as a service- configurable network name
– can be started on boot
– cast PC screen to android device by using AirSender. you can use the AirMirror feature at your Windows PC.

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  1. I have bought AirReveiver in the Amazon AppStore for my new FireTV Stick.
    I have the problem that I can’t adjust the screen size in the App options. The screen is too “big” – I can’t See the first letters in the left side of my TV screen.
    Wehre is the point to (re-)adjust the sitze of the TV screen in the App options?
    Can you help me?

    1. Hi Stefan:
      Now AirReceiver 3.0 fix this issue. You even can manually adjust this in Advanced Setting->OVERSCAN.

  2. AirReceiver work great! Photo and video streaming is perfect! Only mirror have poor performance… Is not bandwith problem (osx airserver in the same network is more fast), I think it’s a problem of hw acceleration. I have a quadcore amlogic s805, hw acceleration is enabled?

    And why osx not find AirReceiver server? (only iphone find the server)

    1. HI:
      which android OS version of your device? AirReceiver only support HW acceleration above android 4.1.
      for osx find issue. you can try turn off/on AirReceiver and check whether it can resolve your problem.

      1. Ok, now osx find Airserver! It’s only a network refresh problem?

        My Android device have 4.4.2 (mbox/mxq s85)

  3. Hi, I don’t know how to reach you directly for AirReceiver support. I stream from iOS to Fire TV and any video that is recorded in portrait is displayed in landscape orientation. Others have complained about this in their reviews as well. Your app is the best among all otherwise.

    Thank you

  4. When I use AirPlay to play music from my iPhone, the audio stutters every ten seconds, it keeps cutting in and out. It is not a network issue, my Wi-Fi is very strong and I never have problems using my Fire TV Stick otherwise, even for video streaming. Are there any settings I can change to fix this?

    1. Hi Klein:
      Do you already turn on Mirror when you streaming music? if so you can try turn off it if you just want streaming music.

  5. Hey,

    I’m using AirReceiver on my FireTV. With the latest update I am no longer able to adapt settings that require keyboard input since the virtual keyboard does not pop-up when editing the options (like password, device name, latency).
    Would be nice if this could get fixed!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Kuchenbecker:
      we can not reproduce this issue. it should be some wrong setting in your FireTV. Do you install any third-party input method on your FireTV?

  6. Good Morning felix,
    I’m interested in using your app for my home entertainment system but I really would like why does the app, given its nature and the features you report in the description, need the following permissions:

    * modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    * read the contents of your USB storage

    Wi-Fi connection information
    * view Wi-Fi connections

    Device ID & call information
    * read phone status and identity

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Dario, Here are the explains:
      AirReceiver need your USB storage to cache some photo/video files when streaming.
      * modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
      * read the contents of your USB storage
      AirReceiver need know the network status and need network to streaming media files.
      * view Wi-Fi connections
      AirReceiver need Device ID for check payment information:
      * read phone status and identity

  7. Hey guys,
    I bought AirReceiver those days but my Desktop PC (Windows 7, LAN-Connection) cant find the Amazon Fire TV Box (W-LAN, on a Sony TV). I installed AirSender on my desktop pc but there is no device I can connect to. Can someone give me a step by step instruction to stream / mirror from my PC (videos and sound) to my TV. Greetings

    1. Hi:
      You need run AirReceiver at first on FireTV side. Then you should find the FireTV by click the icon of AirSender.

  8. Hello!
    I love this app and I currently use it with my firestick and iOS devices. I have a question though… Why it doesn’t work if the network I’m connected doesn’t have Internet access? I set up a wifi network where I connected my firestick and my computer to stream local content but somehow I couldn’t make it work as AirReceiver always gave me an error message saying it wasn’t connected to the internet. Isn’t it possible to make it work on a network without internet access?

    1. Hi Frankg:
      sometimes AirReceiver need internet to check the payment. But I think AirReceiver can work LAN once it already check that.

  9. Hi,

    I just purchased your airplay upnp app on my amazon fire tv however I cannot see the the device from ipad or iphone. I have tried rebooting fire tv and iphone however this did not help. I am running ios 9.1. Is airplay upnp app compatible with ios 9.1?
    Do you have any suggestions what Incould try?


    1. Hi Alex:
      Can you check whether your firetv and idevice live in same network and your route allow mDNS broadcast?

  10. Hello, I would like to buy the receiver app , to install on an Tronsmart MXIII plus .
    Does your app support Iphone in portrait and landscape mode? When you turn the Iphone from portrait to landscape, does this mirror correctly ?
    Is the mirroring supported for every ios app ?

  11. Hi

    I keep having issues with the aspect ratio when streaming movies from my iTunes. Some of the movies are so elongated that the picture shows up as thin line running down the middle of the screen. Not sure why this is happening as they play fine on my iMac and I can play them on a memory stick with no problem. Is there any way to fix this?

    Many thanks


  12. Hi.
    AirReceiver used to work fine, even with IOS9 since the latest version.
    However, it doesn’t anymore. Is it because I just upgraded my Ipad to IOS9.2? Is AirReceiver compatible with 9.2?

  13. I just bought AirReceiver an installed on my new Fire TV stick. I can mirror the screen of my IPad (iOS 9.2) but there is no sound. What can I do ?

  14. Does air receiver work on Nvidia shield tv? Because I can’t find it on google play store?

  15. There wil be possibility to manual choose player for streamed videos? That one deflaut in app cant stream subtitles for movies

  16. Thought this app on my Amazon fire stick was fantastic until it stopped working. It worked fine off iPhone 6 and iPad Air on OS9.2 a couple of days ago, then tried today and it doesn’t appear on either device.

  17. Have we lost air receiver with IOS 9 update? It’s no longer showing up in menu on any of our Apple devices ?? Thank you.

    1. Hi Peter:
      AirReceiver works for all IOS version no problem. please check your network environment.

  18. I just purchased AirReceiver on the Amazon Fire Stick & at first it didn’t work for me. Right when I would select the AirPlay name it would just stop on that screen & not go any further. I thought for sure this wasn’t going to work for me. Then I went into my network settings on the Amazon Fire Stick and changed my wireless from the 5 Ghz to the 2.4 Ghz and that did the trick. So if your wireless router has 2 networks, check the other network if one doesn’t work.


  19. HI !
    This works excellent for using my android phone as a monitor for my Iphone to take photos (in combination with a bluetooth remote)

    You dont need a wifi network to get this to work. To do so, enable your android Wifi Hotspot (for tethering) but make sure you don’t enable bandwidth throtteling here !

    Once your iphone is connected to your android phone you can start Airplay mirror, WOW ! 🙂

  20. Hi at home this app works just fine. but at school i want to use airreceiver and fire tv in a wlan-network without internet. But i always get the error-message “amazon appstore: unknown error. An error occured Please download this appagain from the amazon appstore?
    Thank you

  21. My air receiver keeps asking for pw in my iOS devices, it did nit used to do this. I have tried applying a password as well and it does not take it.

  22. Hi Felix,

    I updated my room setup. I now have 2 times the nVidia Shield TV. I would like to use your app on both devies, but all my AirPlay senders (iPad, iPhone, iTunes) do not recognize the two receivers. They only recognize the one, which booted later than the other one. For e.g. : Shield 1 boots – will be recognized, than shield 2 boots – all AirPlay senders will only recognize Shield 2 and Shield 1 is not displayed anymore.

    Do you have any idea how this could be solved?

    Thanks in advance!

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